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Jun. 22nd, 2009 | 10:21 am
location: Starbucks, FL
mood: Multichoice!
music: Some Starbucks junk

So if I can find a way there, I can go to OTAKONNNNNN. :D

But I need to find a way there. ;_;

Any tips, idea's, anything? IS ANYONE IN FLAWDA GOING? Who can pick me up on the way there?

Why am I asking LJ? D:
I don't think I even know any Florida friends on here, hahahah. [Danii, You don't count. YOU'RE IN JAPAN. D:<  <3 Miss you!!!]

But srsly, Any advice? ): Otakon is more than just a con now, It's a reunion with my bestie Joshie. D: [Ew, What'd I just call him?] We haven't seen eachother in a year. The saddness.


-B r  i i

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