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Nov. 1st, 2009 | 12:15 pm
location: Borders
mood: happy happy
music: Celebrate/ Hahah, Borders music.

So I am going to use this time that I have un wisely! I would really like to submit my electronic journal sometime soon, and now seems like a OKay time. I'm updating for me, and no one else. I've always loved seeing all my old journals from back when I was like 15+ It's awesome to see how much I've changed, How I used to think, compared to how I am now and what goes through my mind now a days.
I often hear people saying to me "You haven't changed a bit since I first met you!" But I believe I have changed a lot. I view MANY things almost 99% differently now a days. It's amazing to me.

On that note, Since David had proposed to me on my birthday, I have been estatic about spending the rest of my life with him. It's the most wonderful feeling in the world to know that someone is as devoted to you, as you are to them. I can safely say I have never been happier than I am with him, And I have never felt this way before about anyone; No contest. I thank my last relationship for showing me what's real and what isn't; I thought I was in love back then, but I feel, and believe, that being as inexperienced and naieve as I was during that time, That what I was in love with was the idea of being in love. I say this, because when I say "I love you" to him, I feel it. Every time. Even when I'm upset with him. When ever we kiss, I feel it. No matter what, whenever I'm with him I'm just so happy. I truely feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to stand next to him, and claim as a couple. I didn't have all this in my last relationship. That's how I know what I have with David is real, and true. And that's what makes me happy, even in my most depressed moments. [This year has been a little bit crazy and stressful! ]x   ]
Hahah, I have been thinking about our wedding day every day lately. Literally. As we speak, I am sitting in Borders with a literal STACK of books from the "Wedding planning" area. And a GED book. Hahaha.

David and I have decided on a "Winter/ice/blue" theme wedding. But since I can't STAND being that cold, We're having our wedding in April. We're aiming for 2011, But we'll see.

I have pictures printed out of idea's on how to decorate our wedding. The ice theme is going to be absolutely beautiful~~~!<3
Absolutely NO idea where the wedding will take place, but it's probably going to be somewhere within driving distance of PC/B, If not actually in PC/B. We decided this because of my family. David's family is spread out ALL over the US, So it'd be hard to pick a "middle" area for everyone to get to. Most of my family is here in florida/pcb. I hope everything turns out well! But I imagine finding the perfect place for our wedding is going to be a draining process on me. Anyone who know's me know's how indecisive I am. It takes forever for me to even just order lunch or dinner at a restraunt!

I decided to design my own wedding dress. I'm going to neatly incorperate the highlights and meaningful points of mine, and some of David's, life into it. Descreatly ofcourse, As it has to stay with the theme of White/blue. We'll see how it turns out; I'll scan the sketches when I finish them. :]

I'm also designing the cake, with the same "incorperating our lives/winter" theme.

I haven't decided the whole "Brides mades" thing, and nether has David for his part. We have a while to go before it matters, But I know one thing for sure, As it stands, I really, really would love girlfriend [Pairou/Danii] to be my "Maid of Honner" I really do consider you to be one of my truest and best friend, Dani. Even though we've only physcially hung out once. But we've kept in touch for all these years! And supported eachother a lot, I think. We've already planned our lives together, Art, living in Japan, ect. I love and owe you a lot, David does too. And I can't think of anyone else better fit for the position. <3

So that's all that. :]

So Halloween came and went, It was fun!

I was supposed to dress as Sailor Venus, but I didn't finish it in time. Buu! It's my fault for being a procrastinator.

So instead I dressed up in some lolita bullshit and threw on my "Miku" wig. Everyone had something to say about it, haha. They loved it, and a LOT of people took my picture, with ethier just by myself, them, or their children. It was a lot of fun, I almost felt like I was at a anime convention, hahah. I had to work all Halloween, Which I thought woud suck, especially because I really wanted to go to "Zoo Boo" [A free Halloween event at Zoo world] but it wasn't bad at all; I got to stand outside almost all day/night giving ADORABLE children candy. 
After work David and I went home, watched a movie, which turned out not to be that bad, and then went to sleep.
On the down side, I'm offically jobless for the winter and need to find a new job ASAP. Shit! Now the tables have turned, and David is the one bringing home the bacon. Hahah!

Hah.. ;__;

Not much has happened except we now have room mates. They seem nice. I love their cat and Dog. I thought David did too, but I think he's starting to hate them now, which sucks. ):

We're strapped for cash until December, Which is when our room mated will be helping us with rent. Finally! We can save money!!

Girlfriend and I were wanting to plan to go to SCAD together in Savannah, I'm pretty sure she's planning to go in Febuary next year. I believe if I busted my ass, got my GED within the month, My Drivers licence and all that, sell almost EVERYTHING I own, save money, apply for a pelgrant or whatever [Girlfriend gave me a website with lots of things I could apply for for school] then we could both make it by Febuary to go with her. David says that's not practical, And about how he want's to go to school too, Which will be cheaper here at Gulf cost. Which I understand. I want so badly to be selfish about all this, but I can't. I have to think for us, not just me. Because I love him, and he loves me. On that note, That's what two people do when they are in love. David is still supportive of everything I want to do, and assured me we will get there; Just at a pace that will be best for both of us. I'll have to talk to girlfriend about this, seeing as she moves fast with goals in her life. xD More than anything I really want to live in Japan with her; At this rate, I wonder if maybe I'll have to skip SCAD all together and go to Japan with her when the time comes? I really hope it doesn't take me that long to get shit finished here, though. Ughh!

I'm not sure what else I have to report to my future self. :x And I really want to wrap this up so I can do more Wedding planning before David gets off work. Shit, I always type up books when I get the chance. It's a little annoying, even to myself. I can never get straight to the point! What kind of a trait is that?

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From: thereallink
Date: Nov. 4th, 2009 01:35 am (UTC)

Hey sorry for the obligatory self-post but I was wondering if you guys had a photographer picked out for the wedding yet? I do do those now you know... :)

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From: b_r_i_i
Date: Nov. 4th, 2009 10:48 am (UTC)

No freaking way, hahaha! That's insane Pawprint, You were like the first person I had in mind for the photographer. I absolutely love your work, And you too, of course!! But I wasn't sure if you'd be interested. ;_; <3<3<3<3<3

Seriously, if you're interested, We'll work out the details closer to the wedding date, and you're hired.

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