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Donation button? Lol

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Nov. 20th, 2009 | 08:55 am

After we get rent taken care of, all will be well! :]

Oh. I just learned how to do the donate button thing, So I'm giving it a shot. ANYTHING donated is going strictly to ether rent, my arts and crafts, Us moving and going to college, or my wedding in April 2011. I'm not begging for it by any means, nor do I expect much from it. :p However it's always worth a shot; And I'll be greatfully appreciative to anyone who donates. Much love. <3 [If anyone does, I can make you a charm or something for my appreaciation. <3]

So lately has been well. David is going on like three months since he stopped smoking. I'm so proud of him! We're both talking about working out. So far, ofcourse the only thing we've done is talk about it. Hahaha. But whateverrr.
We're spending lots of time together, which is the most heart warming thing ever. Right now he's currently bringing home the bacon and working as hard as he can almost full time at Target. He's working as a stock boy at night, and then in the afternoon he often pulls in shifts and hours at the built-in-Target StarBucks. He's such a good worker!!

Last week he was talking to me about how I shouldn't worry about a job right now, because with his job he'll be able to support us both [11.50an hr] and just concentrate on getting my GED. Get enrolled at the GED passport program at the college, ect, so we can make it to Savannah Georga to live with our very own girlfriend<3 so we can attend SCAD together. I'm so excited! David will be working on his associates degree, I think. I forget which degree he was talking about, exactly. I always get these things mixed up. ):
Then after we work out all our crap there, We're off to Japan! I couldn't be happier thinking about all this. Girlfriend is excited, too! <3

So, I agreed to this, But said I should still probably get a part time job with it. Any extra money is welcomed, and extremely helpful. Me not having a job is too much money lost.

Jesus FUCK I am so tired right now. ;__; p.s. What the hell? Why do I always end up writing books when I make journal entries? I've always had this habbit. It drives me crazy!
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